REI Digital Marketing Service Levels

Here's what you can expect from us at each service level.

  DIY Agile DM Pro DM Enterprise DM
Startup (one-time),
includes Inbound Marketing Blueprint: 
995 995 Per specifications Per specifications
Monthly:  350 995 2,495 Starting at 3,995
Number of Keywords Tracked Initial 25 50 100 300 or More
Keyword Research Analysis
and recommendations
Annual Semi-Annual Quarterly Quarterly
Competitor Analysis & Reporting Annual Semi-Annual Quarterly Quarterly
Acquisition and Conversion Reporting Annual + DIY Tools Quarterly Bi-Monthly Bi-Monthly
Ongoing Support Channel /
Support Response Time (SLA)
email / 24 hours email / 2 hours phone / 1 hour phone / 15 min
Keyword Ranking Report Monthly Monthly Bi-Monthly Bi-Monthly
Content Recommendations Quarterly Quarterly Monthly Monthly
On-page Content Optimization
Sitemap Creation and Submission
Google Analytics Set Up
Google Local Listings
Verification with Google Webmaster Tools
Google Webmaster Best Practices applied
"White Hat" SEO Promise
CRM Integration
Industry / Competition Monitoring
and Reporting
Thought Leadership / Creative Consultation
Ongoing Consultation
Dedicated Account Manager
Redesign Website every 2 years (included)
Website Use Analysis
AdWords Campaigns Managed (max) DIY 1 3 Per specification
Reputation Management: Max touches per month DIY 5 15 Unlimted
Social Bookmark Submissions Initial / DIY Quarterly Monthly Weekly
Monthly Forum Posts DIY 1 5 Per specification
Annual Blog Titles Written 12 24 36 48
Social Media / Blog Answers per Month DIY 5 30 100 or More
Analytics and Marketing Intelligence Reporting Quarterly


Semi-monthly Semi-monthly
Email Campaigns per Month DIY 1 Per specification  Per specification
Calls to Action per Month DIY 1 Per specification Per specification
Landing Pages per Month DIY 1 Per specification Per specification
Customer Nurturing Campaigns per Year DIY 1 Per specification Per specification


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