Kickoff Service

Do you have a product or service you want to promote, but donít need an ongoing marketing engagement?

With REIís Kickoff Service, our eMarketing professionals will develop a comprehensive 30-day program to ensure that you get the exposure, traffic and conversions to make your new initiative a success.

Available services include:

  • Development, execution, monitoring and reporting of a branded, multifaceted, multi-point Broadcast email campaign to your existing mail list at launch. Additional follow-up campaigns delivered weekly throughout your kickoff period;

  • Development, execution, monitoring and reporting of Google AdWords ad campaign groups, targeted at your intended audiences [pricing dependent on the number of campaign groups];

  • Development and launch of a Search Engine Optimized News Release, sent to national media outlets via wire service;

  • Integration of Google Analytics, with up to four conversion points to track the performance of your Kickoff campaign and your entire website on an ongoing basis;

  • Development of, and reporting on up to four post-click conversion funnels.

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