Google AdWords Cost-per-Click (CPC PPC) Campaign Management

You’ve heard all about Google AdWords and you may even be running your own CPC or PPC campaign.

However, you’re either intimidated by the scope of AdWords itself, or suspect you might not be getting the best value out of your investment. This is where our AdWords professionals come in.

All day, every day, REI’s team of Google AdWords pros monitor your campaigns and expand their own knowledge of this vital eMarketing tool. As a result, you know that you have experienced people managing your campaigns while you focus on the business of running your business.

In fact, we’re so good at what we do that most of our accounts realize a significant cost savings within days of retaining us, which equals or exceeds the cost of our management services.

Available Services include:

  • Development, execution, monitoring and reporting of Google AdWords ad campaign groups, targeted at your intended audiences [pricing dependent on the number of campaign groups];

  • Development and launch of a Search Engine Optimized News Release(s), sent to national media outlets via wire service;

  • Integration of Google Analytics, with up to four conversion points to track the performance of your Kickoff campaign and your entire website on an ongoing basis;

  • Development of, and reporting on up to four post-click conversion funnels.

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