Rare Earth Deploys 15th SNAP powered solution

Published: Friday, October 10, 2003 By: Staff Reporter

Copyright 2003. Rare Earth Interactive Design, Inc. All rights reserved.

Rare Earth Interactive announced today that it has deployed the 15th site powered by its StetNet Admin Premiumô [SNAP] Content Management Suite of eBusiness tools.

"Since introducing SNAP just over 3 months ago, demand for its capabilities has been particularly strong in the manufacturing and education sectors of our marketplace," said Craig C. Chapman, President and CEO of Rare Earth. "But even I'm surprised at how quickly it's taken off."

Like its predecessors, this most recent SNAP-powered site, deployed for Curtis Screw Company, LLC of Buffalo, New York, showcases the remarkable capabilities of the system - by enabling busy Sales and Marketing Manager, John Hoskins, Jr. to completely manage the communications message of his company, which was founded by his grandfather 98 years ago.

"In the time it used to take for me to simply pick up the phone to talk to my IT guy, I can make the changes I want to my site, right away. I love having this kind of control at my fingertips. The way this works is truly awesome!"

Mr. Hoskins can edit the content of existing pages on his site, add/remove pages and menu items in just minutes, and manage email campaigns and subscribers, inquiry responses and a secure staff directory from any Internet-connected browser, anywhere in the world.

For more information and to request a demonstration, visit Rare Earth's website at rareearthinteractive.com, or call toll-free at (877) 883-1601.