Rare Earth Interactive releases StetNet Admin Premiumô

Published: Sunday, June 15, 2003 12:00 pm By: Staff Reporter

Copyright 2003, Rare Earth Interactive Design, Inc. All rights reserved.

Rare Earth Interactive announced today, the release of it's StetNet Admin Premiumô Content Management Suite.

More than a simple content management system, StetNet Admin Premiumô or "SNAP," is a complete set of modular tools - from web page tools for managing page content and site structure, to broadcast email tools which manage complete html-rich email campaigns and subscriber lists, to complete on-board eCommerce, which can be deployed all at once - or over time, per each client's unique requirements.

"One of the things that excites us most about our newest suite of tools, is that it completely revolutionizes the way we develop solutions for our clients," says the company's president and CEO, Craig C. Chapman. "We no longer have to wait for creative to be completed before deploying the site. With our tools, we are able to provision a client's software and create a development site within 72 hours of the order being placed, and the client can see their site being populated with their own content," Chapman continues. "Then when creative is complete, all we have to do is wrap the look and feel around the content, which happens site-wide - across 20 pages or 200. Depending on our workload, we can accomplish this in as little as a single working day."

This capability also makes future redesigns equally simple and quick. Chapman adds, "since the content of the site and the design of the site are mutually exclusive, a redesign no longer requires repopulation of existing content. The redesign happens virtually automatically and nearly instantaneously."

Also, with the patented Forms and Directories SNAP Modules, Rare Earth is able to create powerful, fully-customized data-acquisition and management applications in a fraction of the time - and cost - of custom coding.

Chapman closed by saying, "our clients who are empowered with these tools have demostrated some remarkable behavior. The 97-page site we created for the Family Foundation School for example - has exploded in the last 75 days, to an over 500-page wealth of information about their institution and therapeutic emotional growth programs for at-risk teenagers."

Evidently, the key is that subscribers of the SNAP applications can focus their attention on promoting their business, even garnering revenue from their audience, "so every organization can affordably raise their level of community awareness in ways that were previously cost-prohibitive."

For more information and to request a demonstration, visit Rare Earth's website at rareearthinteractive.com, or call toll-free at (877) 883-1601.