Zippo Website goes over 1,000,000 hits

Published: Tuesday, March 30, 1999 Source: My Source
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March 30, 1999
Buffalo, New York

Rare Earth Interactive Design, Inc., today announced its first 1,000,000-hit site, Zippo Manufacturing Company. At the same time, Zippo announced that all 100,000 units of its limited-edition Millennium Collectible lighter had been sold, thanks in part to the success of their web site.

According to Craig Chapman, President of Rare Earth, the Zippo site recently underwent a redesign, which features a new theme centered around their 1999 Collectible of the Year. Both the collectible and the redesigned site were released on March 15.

The site is has been largely developed with Macromedia Flash3™, a robust, high-speed multimedia delivery technology. The site features over 130 pages of quick-loading multimedia-rich content, including high-quality animations, a trivia contest, product demonstrations, sound bites and music, presented through an engaging multimedia interface.

“The Flash technology enables us to accomplish what every designer has always wanted to create on the web,” says Chapman. “Previously, this type of content was impractical at best and unruly at worst, with user-download times exceeding several minutes for a simple presentation. The largest movies on the [Zippo] site, load and begin to play in the surfer's browser less than a minute after they're hit.”

“This site was designed by Zippo and Rare Earth, to set the standard by which all other sites will be judged. I think we've accomplished that,” says Chapman.

Zippo Manufacturing Company makes nearly 70,000 lighters each day and ships them to more than 120 countries. Other Zippo products include pocket knives, key holders, money clips, writing instruments, tape measures, ZipLight™ pocket flashlights and the Fixxit pocket tool. Zippo employs nearly 1,000 people. The Zippo web site can be seen at

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