SEM / SEO: Our Approach

We know you've heard it before:

"We’ll get you search engine optimized and listed on a gazillion search engines … you’ll be a superstar … you don’t have to do a thing!" Blah ... blah ... blah..."

You know and we know those claims to be 100% false.

There are only 5 factors that control your site's positioning in any given search and you have direct control over three of them. That's right. There's no voodoo. There's no secret sauce.

There are a set of best-practices that reliably yield positive results. That's what Rare Earth uses to achieve success in both search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) for its customers.

Search Engine Optimization Rankings

Rare Earth's SEO / SEM services also continually demonstrate the success of your search engine marketing and search engine optimization program. With detailed, twice-monthly reports reports in-hand, you can see exactly where you stand on your high-value search terms and monitor your site's search engine rankings progress over time.


That's how Rare Earth proves you're on the right track - or shows you where there's room for improvement.


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