Frequently Asked Questions

Support Questions

  • What type of training and support do you offer?

    Included with every project are two 1-hour training sessions. The first session occurs before the launch of your new site, with the second occurring after you've had ample time to use your site and generate questions about what you'd like to use in an advanced way, most likely after about 30 days.

    Support is offered through our online ticketing system or by phone. During business hours you will be connected directly to available staff or a message will immediately be delivered to all team members simultaneously. Emergencies will be addressed within 2 hours inside normal business hours or within 4 hours outside of business hours with alerts being generated to available staff.

    For urgent matters (i.e. a server goes down, etc.), we generally know about these things before our customers do.  However, if a customer alerts us of an urgent issue like this, you can expect a 15-minute response time within normal business hours.

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  • How does your customer support work?

    The easiest way to contact us is through email support ( All team members are immediately notified when a ticket comes in and our team will communicate immediately with whomever is most fit to respond.

    Phone support is also available during business hours by calling our main number; you will be directed through our receptionist to an available team member. Emails send directly to team members for support issues.

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