Frequently Asked Questions

Domain Names Questions

  • Can you register domains?

    Yes, we work with Network Solutions as our exclusive registrar. We manage the entire renewal process for any and all of your domain names you register through us, in addition to any DNS changes you may require. We charge a modest annual premium above the basic cost of the registration for this service.

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  • What extensions can I have for my domain name?

    The extension is also know as a "TLD" for "top level domain." 

    We can register a domain name with any extension that is available from Network Solutions. Please note that certain restrictions may apply, depending on the country (e.g. .ca, .cn and .uk), or the application (e.g. .edu, .pro, and .lawyer).

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  • Who owns my domain?

    When we register a domain for you, you are the owner. Rare Earth will however, manage billing administration and technical aspects of the domain for you, including DNS changes and downtime management.

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  • What is a transfer authorization code?

    A Domain Name Transfer Authorization Code is required when transferring a domain from one registrar to another. The domain name transfer authorization code can be obtained from the current registrar for your domain. The code will usually be emailed to the administrative contact email address on file, which you can look up here using the domain name.

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  • How long can I register a domain name for?

    You can register a domain name for any interval from one to ten years. Once registered however, there are no refunds either from the registrar or from us. Most of our customers register their domain names for between one and three years.

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