Frequently Asked Questions

Billing Questions

  • What is your payment policy?

    Our Terms of Service explains in general, everything that you can expect from an engagement with Rare Earth Interactive.

    As far as payment is concerned, we've found that companies that place their money on the line to get a project done are as motivated as we are. That's why we tell you up front what you can expect from us, how long it will take, what it will cost, when it will launch, and that you'll love your site when it's done. Accordingly, payment is due in full for each phase of the engagement, at the start of each phase.

    Any recurring fees that come after launch (e.g. hosting, licensing, marketing services) are due on the first of each month.

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  • How much do you charge for your services?

    That's simple! How much does a car cost?

    But seriously: while our development and professional service fees are based on a set price reflective of the time and resources involved, what we charge is entirely dependent the individual needs, expectations, and priorities of each customer. In short, your price may vary.

    Typically though, new accounts can expect to pay $10k for a new site, with recurring fees ranging upward from $100 per month for basic hosting and starting at $2,000 per month for Inbound Marketing services.

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  • Wow, that sounds like a lot of money to host a website. What's included in what I pay you each month?

    Well, you'd be right if what we charged for only included hosting - and the hosting we provided had your website on the same physical server as tens of thousands of other sites.

    Simply speaking, we don't do that. Our priority places quality of service over figuring out how many sites we can squeeze onto a box, or putting our support offshore in the hands of little-trained minions to maximize profit.

    We know you have choices, so here are just some of the things you get from us at every service level:

    • Dedicated professionals who have been developing beautiful, functional and marketing-effective websites every day of their professional careers.
    • English-language support of your solution, by people who know what they've done for you.
    • Solutions that are developed in the USA and based on software that is made in the USA or Canada.
    • A service level agreement that promises a response in under 2 hours for normal priority, and under 15 minutes for urgent requests.
    • Unlimited technical support for your site's functionality. In other words, if we deliver something that we promise will perform a specific way, and at some point it no longer functions in the way you've come to expect, we will commit whatever time is necessary to either make certain that it is restored to its original working state, or develop a reasonable workaround. You will never receive a bill for technical support.
    • Unlimited introductory online training of your solution and its functionality.
    • Licensing for your website management solution, which includes unlimited updates to the software.
    • The ability to make unlimited changes to your site, send unlimited emails, take unlimited form submissions, sell unlimited products, make unlimited blog posts and nurture unlimited leads.
    • Enterprise-level hosting with guaranteed 99.9% uptime, and that at minimum will load your site faster than 75% of all other sites on the internet. 

    If you're an Inbound Marketing account, you will get the services we specify for you in your engagement which can include content marketing, CPC campaign management, search engine optimization, marketing analysis, ongoing research and thought leadership, in addition to regular reporting and resource management.

    Bottom line: we provide high value for what we bill.

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