Phase 1: Blueprinting & Planning

"You cannot hope to arrive at a destination, unless you first know where you're going."


That's an ancient maxim that makes sense, right?

Yet it amazes us how many professional designers simply take the leap into the journey without first working with their customers to map out the course. Others insist that you sign a 4-or-5-figure contract before they'll undertake this process for you.

Our collaborative, transparent Blueprinting process takes the guesswork out of the project, enabling us to be more efficient. In the end, this means that we perform with lower up-front costs, yielding a greater return on your web site investment. 

Each Rare Earth Blueprint includes:

  • The Kickoff Meeting: This is where everything gets started. Either through WebEx or in-person, we work with your team, and introduce your team members to our project system. We let you know what we need from you, and what in turn you can expect from us. We assign milestones, delivery dates and expectations for every person working on your project.
  • Interview and Collateral Audit: Our president and creative director often talks about "artists versus designers." As web site designers, we must first know what your criteria for your project are, in addition to what visual and process resources we can draw from, so that we can interpret them and then achieve them with your solution. We can accomplish this in about an hour's time.
  • Project Overview and Creative Brief: We define what you want to accomplish in the context of who you are as a business. We detail what problems that we are addressing, the desired outcomes, and recommend solutions to achieve those outcomes.
  • Design Framework: We highlight exemplars and provide important notes for the Designer and the Production Team. The framework explains the direction of the design as interpreted by our Creative Director, and approved by you.
  • Module Checklist: This checklist lays the groundwork for the rest of the document, and sets expectations of what resources will be required to create your eBusiness solution.
  • Module Specifications: We detail each module that will be used in the site, which is fully-planned in advance.
  • Display Types: A Display Type is a way to differentiate major sections of a web site with a different layout or other visual cue. For instance, you may have different display types for

There are many resources on the internet, which promise to give you the tools to create your own blueprint, but virtually all of them ultimately put the burden on you to create the plan. Doing it yourself can take days of reading, followed by weeks to create your own blueprint, and let's face facts: if you were already an expert, you wouldn't need to hire someone else.

We do the work for you and have it done in under a week. You'll then have all the facts and all the planning you need to make an informed decision.

Timeframe: Less than one week

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