Your Social Media Strategy Should Include Snapchat Influencers

Posted on Saturday, September 3, 2016 by Rare Earth Interactive

You may be feeling a little burned out with all the social networks you need to provide content for. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and now Snapchat? The app is no longer just a way to send risqué pics, it’s a serious tool to communicate to groups of people. If you can provide a compelling experience on Snapchat and find Influencers to help promote your brand, you can win at Snapchat.

First of all, why should you bother with Snapchat? They skew young - they claim that 41% of 18 to 34 year olds use their app on any given day. That’s a huge swath of the demographic most likely to not have families and therefore have disposable income. If you have any intention of targeting these sorts of customers, then you need a presence here.

This demographic is harder to reach through more traditional forms of advertising. They’re the least likely to watch traditional cable and broadcast TV. Snapchat lets you reach them on a platform that thrives on engagement. Because all Snaps last only 24 hours, users tend to check for new material daily, if not several times a day. Snaps are meant for quick, disposable consumption. Consider them the snacks of the digital world.

As for why you should work with influencers, they’ve already drawn good size crowds through the force of their personalities. Some boast follower counts in the millions. And because the format requires quick engagement, they tend to share informal, more personal content. Combine that with two-way communication, and you have influencers who their followers feel like they know. Get your product in their hands and it’ll feel like a recommendation from a friend instead of a promotional plug.

How an Influencer Can Help Promote You 

Product Experiences - The most obvious partnership involves giving the influencer access to your product. Whether that’s a free sample, a preview to build buzz, or a test drive, the influencer can show a real experience with the brand. With the help of just a few snapchatters, the Sphero toy company managed to sell all of their BB-8®  (from the Stars Wars: The Force Awakens movie) toys in a matter of hours. 

Behind-the-Scenes Peeks - Where Snapchat really shines is giving people a peek behind the curtain at how your brand operates from the inside. Everyone loves a sneak peak; plus, you get to show off the human side of your brand. Let an influencer reveal your process and their followers will feel like they have been given a unique experience.

Influencer Takeovers - Instead of giving the influencer something to show off on their feed, you can show off the influencer on your brand’s feed. Called influencer takeovers, these can bring a ready-made audience over to your feed while the snapchatter providers all the content there for a set period of time. For example, check out mplatco’s 24 hour Walt Disney World snapfest.

Snapchat is growing more valuable as an advertising platform. If you work with popular influencers, you can give a human side to your promotional efforts. Plus, you can tap into existing audiences. What’s not to love?

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