How to Recruit Brand Ambassadors

Posted on Tuesday, December 15, 2015 by Dee Fowler

The best way to turn your website visitors into promoters is to give them web content worth sharing with others through social media. Your top promoters will come from your most loyal customers. When consumers can clearly articulate why they like your product, they provide you with a valuable endorsement. Here are keys to turning your followers into promoters of your brand.

Net Promoter Score

One the main methods for measuring the promotional influence of your web followers is to assign a "net promoter score" to each customer. The idea is to single out the people who spread the most good news about your brand with friends through social media and word of mouth. By rating each customer on a scale of 0-10 you can determine your top promoters. Keeping customers with high promoter scores happy can be important to long term profitability. 

Evaluating Followers

In order to evaluate your website and social media followers, you will need a well organized system. Most email marketing software is useful for organizing the most important information about your customers. One of the main questions to ask about your customers is which ones engage with you the most? Take a look at your most active followers and check their comments to rank your most loyal customers.

One of the key tips to remember is to not try to force your audience to like you. Finding organic followers can be a convincing way to showcase your brand through video testimonials. Authentic promoters come off more like storytellers than obvious brand ambassadors. 

Fueling Engagement

By increasing your engagement with followers on social media, you will get a better gauge on who your most loyal followers are. Some people might be fans of your industry and like companies that make their favorite products. Some customers become loyal to a specific brand because of how they interact with the company. Your job when answering questions for prospects is to be as open minded as possible so that you can accommodate their needs.

Providing free information is one of the draws to a website and a big part of inbound marketing. You can help raise curiosity about your products by providing links to landing pages about them. The more people learn about your products, the more things they will have to say about them. Directing people to visual web pages with videos or charts is helps speed up this education process.

Attracting Press and Blogs

The more you can establish yourself as an authority in your niche, the more powerful of a following you can attract. By interacting with people that have high credibility in your field, such as other bloggers, you can do cross-promotion that benefits both parties. Part of building an influential network is identifying with existing thought leaders and interacting with them online. PR Newswire offers opportunities either for fee-based syndication of your web content or for earned media placement.

Reading other blogs in your field will help connect you with target demographic followers. Getting mentioned by a popular blogger is one of the key ways networks expand. Over time you should build a portfolio of the websites that mention your site. 

Rewarding Customers

One of the best ways to get customers to remember you is to reward them somehow, either with credits or a prize. Letting people know they are valued customers can help increase a net promoter score. Inviting customers to participate in exclusive surveys to earn coupons is another way of showing appreciation, which is the key to developing the most loyal followers. 

For example, Amazon customers are invited to create a profile and offer feedback on purchases and, in the case of third-party delivery services, shipping. Merchants offer samples or discounts to those who regularly post detailed reviews, and compensated reviewers include a disclaimer such as: "I was provided with a free sample of XYZ in exchange for my unbiased review."  Does it work? A 2014 AdWeek survey reveals that 61% of shoppers consult product reviews prior to purchase. 


Monitor your communications to create a system that encourages your followers to promote your brand with potential new followers. The more familiar you are with your market, the more you can capitalize on detecting which followers are your best promoters.



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