Friday Favorites: Cool tools for busy professionals

Posted on Friday, September 11, 2015 by Dee Fowler
Handsome executive selects mobile app

Thanks for the retweets and likes generated by the debut Friday Faves post! We hope today's info helps save time and money... while making you look like a genius.

Business Travel 

If you're a small business owner, a hotel stay may mean the difference between pursuing a new client relationship or staying put. AirBnb for Business is an affordable way to travel and stay overnight. The site also promotes its service as a more affordable way of arranging an employee retreat or seminar.

This targeted option for business travelers enables managers to set custom price alerts; get detailed reports; and receive 24/7 support.

How to save on airfare when traveling for pleasure? 

Personal Travel

Skiplagged does such a great job of saving travelers money on airfare that the site boasts "We're so good, United Airlines actually sued us for it."  Caveats: you have to book one-way travel; and you can't check any bags.

Bonus tips via CanYouActually:

  1. Save an empty plastic bottle and then refill it from the water fountain after you clear airport security.
  2. Upon arrival at your hotel, use the back of the TV to charge electronics if you don't have a plug.
  3. FourSquare is a source for hotel WiFi passwords.

Free, Unique Images

Via EvernoteVisuals and images are the soul of any blog post, images enhance the article, generate interest among the reader and make them read a long post. Not only this, images add SEO value to your post... And you can optimize your images to generate more organic traffic to your WordPress website.

Foodies Feed is great for anyone needing images for a post on health, wellness, lifestyle, cooking, or - like us - if your client portfolio includes companies in the pharmaceutical industry. Categories are arranged by view/orientation; meal; cuisine; and ingredient. You'll also find a discount offer for fee-based images (hurry! expires in four days). Premium photo packages are available for a fee. "... all [images were] taken with Nikon D5200 with 35mm f/1.8G lens, resolution 6000×4000px if not cropped differently."

This is a great resource for the content developer who needs to find the right image ... fast.

Survey Tools

You want visitor feedback, but is there a survey that:

  1. doesn't detract from the user experience?
  2. invites participation?
  3. delivers actionable data?

Yes, yes, and yes: AdEspresso shares three free survey tools and shows you how to use them.

Webinar registration and reminder tool

Teleconferences and webinars make it possible to service accounts across the globe, attend a seminar, and sign for that FedEx delivery. Problem is, it's easy to forget the time or access info. MobileDay has you covered by syncing with "your smartphone calendar" to offer "one-touch dialing." Users can "rejoin dropped calls with a single tap." Dial-in sequences are verified by a human support staffer. "Supports WebEx, Lync, and more." Basic plan is free and includes a maximum of 10 calls per month; unlimited plan costs $1.25 per user, per month; premium plans start at $4.90per user, per month. Visit site for complete list of features.


Please let us know what works and what doesn't. You know how to find us if there's anything else on your mind. See you next time!






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