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Posted on Friday, August 21, 2015 by Dee Fowler
Handsome executive selects mobile app

The Rare Earth team includes one of those guys who always says 'yes' when someone asks, "Have you heard about ...?" Justin is a walking, talking issue of Wired magazine, and we're lucky to have him. As a bonus, he knows about the best deals on practically everything. Today's post is for those of you who don't have him in your contacts list. 


JoinMe is both a virtual meeting platform and allows screen sharing; a bonus when providing tech support or sharing files. " is the simple and instant online meeting solution that makes collaborating easier than ever. With no downloads for viewers, it lets you share ideas and collaborate in seconds from your desktop to your tablet to your smart phone. That’s why is the fastest growing collaboration solution." 

HoursKeeper Pro is a great tool for freelancers or employees tasked to multiple clients. One handy feature is the ability to re-start the clock if you forget to track your work in real time. This $6.99 app is compatible with iPhone and iPad.  Click here for the fee-based version: or Get started with the free app: 

Check out ProWritingAid, a valuable resource for anyone who manages content, writes press releases, or communicates with clients. "Companies use ProWritingAid to proofread their press releases, marketing material and emails. Everything that you write reflects on your business. Texts checked with our proofreading software reflect well on your business." There are three levels of service: free; Premium $35/year; and Premium Plus $40/year.Premium works with MS Word and Google Docs.  Click to set up a free account: 

Google Keep helps organize your life by reminding you to complete those to-dos or run that errand. Location-enabled prompts tell you to buy coffee before you drive by the supermarket.  "Need to remember to pick up some groceries? Set a location-based reminder to pull up your grocery list right when you get to the store. Need to finish a to-do? Set a time-based reminder to make sure you never miss a thing." The app records text, photos, and audio. Sync across all your devices. Click to select either the Chrome, Android, or web version:

Workflowy organizes all that stuff you need to do into a prioritized list. Check it out at:

Air travel is often expensive, and you may wonder if you're getting the best deal. This Road Warrior post can help get you to your destination with a little more cash in your wallet. Read on for tips such as "One way airlines prevent you from comparison shopping ... is by looking up your unique IP address in addition to storing cookies in your internet browser. [use] a VPN together with your browser’s private mode to prevent airlines from tracking your searches."

Be sure to let us know what works - or doesn't - for you. It's great to hear from our followers!





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