How Do You Get Higher Rankings for your SEO?

Posted on Tuesday, September 16, 2014 by Craig C. Chapman
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A customer of ours was recently asked by a manager in a different department of her organization, "how Google ranks things and how to get a higher ranking…what goes into getting a better ranking on Google?"

It would be great if we knew exactly what Google does to make their search ranking decisions. Then, responsible "white hat" SEO practitioners like us would be able to precisely target our customer's sites to get them the best rankings all the time, every time. Unfortunately, not everyone out there is responsible in their marketing practices. Just check your spam folder for thousands of examples.
Consequently, Google unfortunately does not give specifics.
Google does however, publish very useful best practices on how to achieve good rankings, which every good digital marketing pro knows backwards and forwards and integrates into the site architecture of any account they work with.
So here are some free tidbits guaranteed to improve your rankings:
  • Create contextually accurate and unique page titles
  • Make contextually accurate use of the Meta Description tag
  • Make your site easier to navigate with plain-text navigation
  • Write quality, unique and grammatically-correct content.
The document at the other end of this link, can give you more details on these points.
However, effective search engine ranking campaigns are a lot like playing chess: you can learn the basics in an hour, but it takes rather longer to master. Success is also very much dependent on an understanding of the strategy of search engine marketing and the skill of the practitioner to spot areas of opportunity to capitalize on for your business.
There's observation, monitoring, and intuition, because effective SEO is as much an art as it is a science. On the part that is science however, it's important to us that every REI marketing customer understand what we're doing and why we're doing it and so, our customers in turn get very detailed reports in each of our meetings.
So now that you've got some of the basics, if you'd like more details or a personalized assessment of your website's SEO effectiveness from us, just request a quote.

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