Page views and visitors don't sell product. Conversions do.

Posted on Thursday, August 21, 2014 by Craig C. Chapman
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People often talk about page views and monthly visitors as effective measures of the success of their website. Those metrics are all well and good when you're selling advertising and you only care about eyeballs, but most of us small businesses need to drive actual sales. Bottom line: most small businesses need visitors to translate into purchases or quality leads. 

We call this process "conversion," and this is the way you turn visitors into customers.

Now, sometimes campaigns that maximize page views are the right ones for increasing revenue, but not always. That’s why targeting your digital marketing toward lead generation, conversions and sales is far more important than simply hoping your next campaign goes viral.

Creating value for your audience

Value can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. A funny web video carries entertainment value (which helps promotes your brand) and a blog post can provide helpful value for a potential lead (which enhances your brand in their mind).

Ideally, a better web marketing campaign should:

  • offer value to your audience
  • tie in your brand with that perceived value
  • establish your company as a source for relevant services or products
  • increase the chances that leads will come to you for their next purchase

The fine line between successful promotion and wasted efforts

Have you ever heard people discuss a funny television commercial, only to realize they have no idea what was being advertised? Or have you seen a wonderful commercial and later realized that it did not spur you to make a purchase? 

These same problems happen on the internet all the time. A wonderful photograph makes the rounds on Instagram or Tumblr, or a video becomes a hit on YouTube—but the customer has no obligation to actually interact with the company and no impulse to buy. On the other hand, a great promotion can easily go unnoticed amongst all the competition for attention online.

Leverage your efforts towards conversions

To reach your audience and spur them to action, you need to leverage the value offered by your web marketing to initiate interaction with your company and push a customer toward buying something. A great website design can help with this. So can landing pages, email marketing and well-written content that gets indexed by Google so you get noticed, then engages your visitors and calls them to act.

Instead of sheer volume of hits, it’s better to:

  • capture email addresses, "likes," and other points of contact
  • promote your company efficiently to demographics you want to reach
  • track your impact so you can analyze and improve your web marketing efforts

From an attractive website design and useful apps, to social media content that actually engages a relevant audience, your online promotion and SEO efforts should be geared toward bringing in potential customers and educating them, versus attempting to win a popularity contest of page views.

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