Focusing on single keywords in your content?
You could be doing better for your SEO efforts.

Posted on Wednesday, July 30, 2014 by Craig C. Chapman
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Using long-tail search terms and keywords are a great way to help improve your SEO efforts by improving your results, bringing in more customers, and offering visitors useful content and information that is both educational, and makes you and your company look good. There are many reasons when you're doing this, that you will want to be focusing on long tail keywords, rahter than single terms. 

Firstly, long-tail search terms help you reach a more tightly focused group of visitors - those people who really are interested in what you have to offer. For instance, optimizing for a keyword phrase like "tips for raising puppies" versus "puppies" or "puppy tips," will generate more (and more relevant) traffic for your site.  Likewise, if you are targeting a certain demographic or target audience, then a strategy centered around long tail keywords targeting that audience gives you a great opportunity to tailor your site and its content to that audience. Again, "fashion trends for today’s teens" yields better results if your target audience is teenagers who want to buy clothing, as opposed to something shorter like "fashion." 

Secondly, take the time to research what make effective search terms for your site. Rely on data - not intuition - you might be surprised how different the results are, and any qualified SEO professional will already have the tools available to do this for you. Some will even do it at no charge to demonstrate their expertise in the hopes that you'll hire them for a sustained marketing effort.

Once you've identified the long-tail keywords and phrases you're targeting, you or your SEO pro can either rework your existing content to fit the terms or better still - write new content featuring those keywords. Oftentimes, it's useful to do both by further build on your site's content, while you improve what's already in place.

Whether you create new content or revamp existing content, there is one cardinal rule of SEO content marketing: Always create well-written, original content that your visitors will find useful and valuable.

In other words, having 30 pages of junk content with poor grammar will do nothing for your site rankings - it may even harm them.

On the other hand, a handful of strong well laid out pages will do wonders for your site's appeal. Likewise, be careful not to stuff keywords into the page - your content should relate to your site's content in general, and also on specific articles or blog posts. Most importantly, never use a keyword phrase when the page has no relevancy to that keyword phrase. At best, your site could be deemed less useful by visitors and at worst, Google or Bing could penalize your site with poor rankings.

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