7 Fundamental Keys to Effective SEO

Posted on Thursday, May 8, 2014 by Craig C. Chapman

There are literally thousands of people and companies out there that can themselves SEO marketing specialists. They promise prominent positions on top search engines like Google, and it won't take any effort on your part at all. As in every other field however, internet marketing has its share of frauds who don't deliver.

The fact is that any professional should be able to demonstrate their ability to deliver on their promises, based on their prior work. There's no hocus pocus. No voodoo. No mysterious programming magic that can "fool" the Search Engines and magically vault you to the top. Fact is, there are only 7, incredibly simple fundamentals of effective Search Engine Marketing, that anyone can practice.

  1. Point One: Research! Too often companies come into their Search Engine Marketing believing that the competitors they encounter in the field are the same ones that they go up against online. This is rarely the case, and considered, thoughtful research will reveal who you're competing with, in order to grab the attention of people who want to work with you.

  2. Next: Title Tags. Web page title tags are perhaps the most important part of your website. Every page on the website should have a unique one and should contain keywords that point browsers to the content a page has. This means doing away with pages that say 'home' or 'index'.

  3. Page content and meta description tag is another important factor. Content should be formatted with a page name as an H1 tag. Subsections should be marked as H2, H3, H4 and so on. Stick to one topic per page and embed links with your search terms in the anchor text of the hyperlinks. Also, ensure you have a description tag you can edit. This is what is shown on Google Search Engine Return Pages (SERPs).

  4. As mentioned above, your online competition must be considered. There are others selling the same thing as you, so it's vital to leverage your strategy so that you can reduce the people you need to be noticed over from a stadium so to speak, to a conference room. This again, is accomplished through effective research.

  5. Frequent content updating is another fundamental. One of our clients, distributors of Lipoflavonoid, a consumer OTC supplement for tinnitus has carved themselves a niche in the very competitive area of OTC supplements.Our content marketing strategy has raised their year-over-year organic search traffic by more than 28%. Their online brand mentions have gone up by 43%  and their conversions by 24% with more than 2,900 keywords sending traffic to their website organically.  This is all thanks to our regular updates.

  6. Back links are another important factor in SEO marketing. The more people refer to you, the higher regard you will be held in. This is true on the internet as well. The more back links you get, the more relevant you are. Each is a vote of confidence in what you are saying.

  7. Lastly, the quality of the back links matters a great deal. Links from experts or respected publications carry more weight than casual bloggers.

When we develop your website and your marketing strategy, we hold these fundamentals top-of-mind. If you're looking for answers or are developing a strategy to achieve SEO prominence, Rare Earth will work with you to develop a comprehensive SEO marketing Blueprint and a customized SEO plan to push you to the top of the organic rankings.

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